Loyalty Club

Fat Tony's Loyalty Club. Rewarding you for your Loyalty.

What is it? It’s to reward you every time you come into Fat Tony’s for a haircut or treatment. By joining our Loyalty Club you receive 1 point for every Euro you spend at our shops. With enough points you can redeem them for a haircut, treatment or product at Fat Tony’s.

Loyalty club members will also be entered into competitions, receive promotions and discounts, and other additional benefits exclusive to them. So why not sign up to our Loyalty Club and let us reward you for your loyalty.

How to Sign Up

To sign up to our Loyalty Club please visit one of our shops and fill in the application form available there.

Fat Tony’s Loyalty Club Reward Scheme:

100 POINTS entitles you to one of the following:

  • A Fat Tony’s Shampoo, Body wash, or Conditioner
  • A Muhle Shave Soap
  • An Arko Shave Soap
  • Any Fat Tony’s brand Hair Styling products (includes the Hair Therapy and Thickener)
  • Fat Tony’s brand Shaving products
  • Eyebrow Shaping treatment

200 POINTS entitles you to one of the following:

  • Wash and Cut
  • Layrite Pomade product
  • Dr. K Soap product
  • Back Wax

300 POINTS entitles you to one of the following:

  • Tony’s Cut Throat Turkish Shave
  • Hair Color Treatment
  • A Groom Treatment up to €30 value#

How do I spend my Loyalty Points?

Once you have enough points for one of the above listed products or treatments, you can redeem them at one of our barber shops. Just present your Loyalty Club card to our barber and they will deduct the required points from your card in exchange for the product or service you want.

How do check my points balance?

Visit one of our barber shops and we will be happy to let you know your points balance.

How do I report a lost or stolen Loyalty Club card?

Visit one of our barber shop and fill in the Lost/Stolen form.

For more information on our Fat Tony’s Loyalty Club please email us at info@fattonys.ie.

*Fat Tony’s Loyalty Club membership is available to Irish residence only. #Groom treatment must be booked ahead of time online at Fattonys.ie/Services