Fat Tony’s Barber Shop – Liosban

Fat Tony’s Barber Shop – Barna

Fat Tony’s Groom Treatment Room

Our Groom Treatment room is located in our Liosban shop. For a full list of our Groom treatments please visit our Services page.

Fat Tony’s Barber Shop – Middle Street

Our Fat Tony’s Middle Street shop is located right in town. So if you are doing some shopping and need a haircut, just drop on by and our barbers will take good care of you there.

Sample Logos

The three sample logos on the left were some we had to decide on before we made the final decision for the one on the right. Fat Tony’s still looking sharp after all these years.

Fat Tony’s Barber Shop – Liosban 2003

This was back where it all began in 2003 in Liosban.  You might notice we still have some items that are in the pictures.  Also the building across from us was not there when we started.  A lot have changed since.